Photo of abstract art and text

Introducing Abstract Art Lesson: CVI

Expanded Core and STEAM includes art activities!

This lesson can be adapted to ANY age group. Yes, a three year old can learn about abstract art and start learning artist names. It’s all about exposure. But then, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt this to use with teens either. It all works! 

The key is to inspire students to be their own artist, no matter what skill level . . .


The student will identify abstract are and describe it as a feeling art. The student will make their own abstract piece of artwork. 


What does the child know?
What do I want them to learn?
What skills are required for them to achieve this goal? What adaptations must be in place for optimal learning? 

Materials: Book 

Materials for your student to make their own abstract art. This could be a piece of card stock or a canvas (I buy stocks of cheap canvas at the craft store) and ideally watercolors or other paints to experiment with color mixing with a variety of paint brushes. 

Cover of the Noisy Paint Box book with text,

Sadie had to do this for class. So, I had to use the paper the classroom teacher provided. 


Encourage students to embrace their own unique sense of art. Introduce them to different artists and their unique styles. Provide opportunities for them to create their own artwork that is all their own. 


Sadie using drawing with crayons to create an abstract art on a classroom worksheet.

Questions (tailor to your specific age group) during reading:

  1. Did Kadinsky like painting houses, flowers, real life objects?
  2. What other senses did Kadinsky use as an artist?
  3. What was the art Kadinsky invent?
  4. How does his art work make your feel? 

More Abstract Art Ideas

4 photos of colorful abstract art images using small dabs of bright paint in systematic concentric circles or lines.
Photo of a colorful abstract art painting with various sizes and widths of circles and dots.
2 canvases each: 1 with muted lines drawn with sponge paint brush and 2nd canvases with masking taped white lines (removed) with muted swirling and dabbed colors.

Home Link

Let the book go home and ask parents to read it to their child a few times. Connect with parents about their new word: ABSTRACT ART 


With CVI the introduction will be novel. The book may have to be read several times over a few days. This allows for the student to get familiar with the pictures and content. Once you have read it over a few days, now you can start asking more questions. 

The child has achieved this learning activity when they can tell you that abstract art is art that you feel. 

Have the student make their own abstract art based on their skill level.

Materials Links

The Noisy Paint Box book on Amazon

By Lisha

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