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Interactive Storybook App Ideas

Suggestions on how to use interactive storybook apps with students who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities.

I have several students with multiple disabilities on my caseload who benefit from interactive storybook apps that can be integrated into their routine with Voice Output devices to request more of an activity or other appropriate terms as recommended by the Speech Language Therapist. Recently, I resurrected Duck Duck Moose’s Old McDonald App and 5 Little Monkey apps from my iPad collection and had our school’s music therapist record herself singing the songs with her guitar within the “Record Yourself” features of the storybook apps.

In the videos below, you will find a recording of our music therapist singing the text of the storybook apps.

Duck Duck Moose Old Mac App


You can download Old McDonald in the iOS App Store.

5 Little Monkeys App


Learn more about the 5 Little Monkeys apps.

A Few Ideas on Instruction

  1. When using the Old McDonald and 5 Little Monkeys App, I generally place the iPad on my student’s wheelchair with his or her Voice Output device positioned within their reach as recommended by the Occupational Therapist. 
  2. The iPad app is activated 
  3. After each digital page of the interactive storybook app is read, the student is prompted to tell me when he or she wants to continue with the story.  
  4. I allow about 10-20 seconds for wait time between each digital page in the storybook to allow for processing.
  5. I also allow these students to explore the interactive features of each page of the app to increase cause and effect cognitive skills and also visual efficiency skills development like tracking, following and one to one correspondence.
  6. I also like to integrate different types of musical instruments with in the instruction as well to give my students more choices and variation in the activity.

Please see the photo to view the materials I bring with my students when using Interactive Storybook Apps with in an adapted routine.

Suggested Materials

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