Screenshot of App Switcher in iOS 11: Dock at the bottom of the screen

Instructions on how to use new features of iOS 11

Check out the cool features introduced in iOS 11 and a work-around for a small VoiceOver bug in one of these new features.

You have heard the buzz about iOS 11 with the “new dock”, “new Control Center”, “multitasking”, and “split View”, but what are these things? Below is a quick video that explains these new features.

For step-by-step instructions complete with annotated images, go to iGeeksblog post, Multitasking in iOS 11 on iPad: Use Drag & Drop, Dock, App Switcher and Split View.  This post includes the following instructions:

Hint: Be sure to use the Reader Feature on websites that have embedded ads – the Reader will eliminate ads.

Teachers: The split screen has a lot of potential for students!  Imagine interacting with a split screen to take notes while reading a book or while researching on the Internet!  


By Diane Brauner

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