6 indoor modified football activities

Indoor Modified Football: Activity 1 Running Handoff

The following is part of a series of 6 different activities related to making football accessible with visual impairments or multiple disabilities.

The following is part of a series of 6 different activities related to football. These activities have been completed by students at Perkins School for the Blind Deafblind program. The activities are performed on a replica football field. The field is made of 4 sections of outdoor carpet taped together using wrestling mat tape. The carpet should be secured to the floor to prevent it from moving (we taped carpet to floor). The carpet is taped using white athletic tape 1 yard apart to replicate the yard lines. The field goals are made from the cardboard rollers from the carpet and were painted by students in art class.

The concepts stressed in these activities are 3 things you can do in football: run with the football, kick the football, and throw the football. The following football vocabulary is stressed: touchdown, fumble, and hike. Names of positions (quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and center) can also be stressed. Students are working on standards  from The Massachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks and the Perkins School for the Blind APE Curriculum.

  1. Students work in groups of three or four
  2. For each group of students two large cones are set up across from each other 25 feet apart (or at a distance comfortable for your students to run, walk or wheel)
  3. Two students stand at one cone and one student at opposite cone. If four students are working in groups have two students at each cone. 
  4. At the cone with two students instruct one of the students to run, walk or wheel to the opposite cone carrying the football in a tucked position and then hand the ball to the student at that cone. The student receiving the handoff performs the same process to the starting cone and the student who handed the ball off waits at that cone.
  5. The students repeat the sequence as many repetitions as you desire.
activity 2 kickoff return collage

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