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Can you imagine books professionally narrated with audio descriptions and ASL interpreters?

All students should be able to fully experience the magic of illustrated books!  Imagination Videobooks creates and publishes animated videobooks and audiobooks of existing illustrated children’s books. Their mission states, “We believe all children should have equal access to early education.” 

Imagination Storybooks on the Desribed and Captioned Media Program houses the collection of  audio described videobooks for students who are blind or low vision; the books include captions for students who are deaf or hard of hearing! There are currently 75+ free Imagination Videobooks available and more are coming.

Trailer video for Winnie Pooh


Note: All of the videobooks are captioned; some do not have ASL interpreters. 

The AudioBook Wizard also partners with Imagination Videobooks to create and publish accessible audiobooks. This collection of audio described books in podcast format is designed specifically for students who are blind or low vision.




By Diane Brauner

Two grinning kindergarten students with arms around each other.

Well, brl is my thing!

hands in home row position on a QWERTY keyboard

Keyboarding curriculum: Accessibyte’s Typio Pro vs. Typio

Photo of Jonathan Hooper with tech-themed background.

Multimedia accessibility: The multimodal toolbox approach