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iBooks and Other Teacher Resources

Digital books and teacher-created materials and resources shared on Paths to Technology website.

As our classrooms become paperless, educators are spending valuable time hunting for appropriate acessible digital materials or creating their own materials.  Have YOU created accessible materials that can be shared with other educators?

Current iBooks Resources

The iBooks section of Paths to Technology is the first step towards a teacher-created depository of resources available to everyone.  Currently, the iBooks section houses examples of interactive digital iBooks and directions on how to create these books using iBooks Author.  The current examples include take-home emerging reader books (with motivating sounds, simple illustrations and very basic text), books created by older non-traditional reader with multiple disabilities, O&M stories, and “books” with advanced math equations.  Download these books and use them with your students.  Be sure to share books that YOU have created!

Volunteer college students created the majority of the emerging reader iBooks as part of a class project.  Anyone can create fun iBooks!  Do you know older students, scouts, clubs, PTA members, parents, etc. who are looking for a project?  Invite them to make and share digital books!

Expanding the iBooks Section to Include Additional Types of Digital Books

There are a number of additional ways to create iBooks, such as Story Creator app and Book Creator app.  Read the Paths to Technology post about Tar Heel Reader website. (Tar Heel Reader is geared for older beginner readers.) Please share your methods of how to create a digital book – including Android apps – as well as books that you have created.

Expanding the iBooks Section to Include Other Teacher Resources

The intent of having three blocks in the iBooks section is to expand this section to include additional digital resources.  Have you created other types of digital books or worksheets?  What types of digital resources would you like to have? 

There is a huge need for accessible math worksheets – math equations that are read out loud appropriately by a screen reader and that appear correctly on a refreshable braille display.  There are a number of Paths to Technology posts relating to accessible math equations, including Creating Digital Math worksheets for Windows Computers and Creating Digital Math Worksheets for iOS Devices.  To view additional digital math Paths to Technology posts, go to Technology Search and type in “math worksheets”. Share your accessible digital math worksheets on Paths to Technology!

Please be aware of copyrighted materials when creating teacher resources.

One Teacher Resource block could be dedicated to Assistive Technology Curriculums to guide teachers through the steps to teach a specific device.  This block could also include IEP goals related to teaching/using Assistive Technology.  Do you know of good AT curriculum that can be shared on Paths to Technology?  Interested in helping develop/fine tune an AT Curriculum?

Share Your Knowledge!  Brightly colored cartoon people adding pieces to a puzzle.

Paths to Technology is an interactive website, meaning that educators, families, and students are encouraged to share ideas, make comments, share resources and post articles.  The website depends on people like you to grow and expand the website.  Try creating a digital book or worksheet and post it.  Let’s discuss how to expand this iBooks and Teacher Resource section – add your comments at the bottom of this post!  Feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]






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