Students stand with labels from this activity on their backs.

Hunger Games

This short activity can serve as a good introduction to food chains for students who are blind or visually impaired.

Food chains describe the flow of energy through an ecosystem.  This short activity can serve as a good introduction to food chains or as a warm-up on the day after initial instruction occurs.  I had planned this game last year but only named it when my students arrived and asked what we would be doing in class.  “Hunger Games”, seemed the appropriate reply.

In this activity, students work together to put a food chain in order.  Each student is labeled as one of the organisms that is part of the food chain. 


High school students:



Prepare braille and 36pt bold labels of the organisms in a food chain.  The ones shown are as follows but this could be adapted for a smaller class by using a shorter food chain or for a more advanced class by using an aquatic food chain or a different terrestrial food chain. The instructor may also play if necessary.

Labels shown include:


  1. A student reads the label on another students' back.Tell students that they will be playing the “Hunger Games” today.  Describe the game as a “Who eats who?”  
  2. The students will stand to play this game.
  3. Tell the students that each of them will receive a braille/print label on his/her back of one organisms in a food chain.
  4. Similar to the Vocabulary Review Game, students are not allowed to read their own backs but only the backs of the other students.
  5. The students will work together to place the members of the food chain in order and stand arm in arm in this order.  
  6. Remind students of the position of the Sun as provider of energy for the producer in a food chain.


  1. A more complex food chain 
  2. An aquatic food chain
  3. Add a decomposer to the food chain.  Students will have to process that the decomposer can act at all levels.  
  4. High school students could be prompted to describe the level for each consumer.

NGSS Standards:

5th Grade – Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

PS3.D: Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life

LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Middle School – Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

LS2.B: Cycle of Matter and Energy Transfer in Ecosystems

By Laura Hospitál

Collage of the Hunger Games

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