Page with written lines and red squiggly underlines representing spelling and grammar errors.

How to use Text Analyzer in JAWS to proofread documents

How to find spelling, grammar and other inconsistencies in your document using JAWS' Text Analyzer feature.

Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or shared. For students, this is often the last stage of the writing process, when minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos and inconsistencies are fixed. Freedom Scientific shares how to use the Text Analyzer feature in JAWS to find errors and inconsistencies in documents.

Source: Freedom Scientific

Text Analyzer is a JAWS feature that notifies you of errors and inconsistencies in a document or web page.

Examples Include:

Use Text Analyzer when proofreading a document to quickly locate mistakes. This feature helps you improve proficiency when editing documents in and out of the classroom.

To navigate through inconsistencies, press Alt + Windows Key + I. Add Shift to this command to navigate backward. Use this command even when Text Analyzer is turned off.

You can turn on Text Analyzer to continuously monitor a document as you read, or manually monitor as you go.

Continuously monitor a document

To continuously monitor a document as you read it, do the following:

Manually monitor a document

To manually monitor a document, do the following:

Note: This setting is temporary and reverts to the previous setting when you close the application or navigate to a different window.

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