Using a black pen, tracing a student drawing onto Swell paper which is over a raised line drawing on top of the Lightbox.

HOW TO turn a tactile drawing film drawing into PIAF image: Sharpie method

Video 6 in the Providing Tactile Graphic Rich Environments series: how to take your student's drawing on tactile film and turn it into a durable raised line drawing.

This is the 6th video post on providing tactile graphic rich environments for preschool and elementary students. This post will focus on how to take the student’s drawing and turning it into a more durable raised line drawing using a PIAF or Swell machine.

Drawings on tactile drawing film are not visually clear: the film is difficult to use in projects and you only have that one copy. Transcribing the image into a dark line print drawing and creating a swell or PIAF image, solves these issues.

Using a black marker to trace a student's drawing on tactile film. The drawing is a rectangular creature with eyes, a beak and teeth, claws (or talons).

Transcribing a tactile drawing film (TDF) drawing onto swell paper by going over tactile lines with a Sharpie pen. 

1.     Go over tactile lines with a sharpie

2.     Place drawing film with outline on white paper and scan it with a smart phone or iOS device. Now you have a digital clean, black-and-white PDF. Or use a copier to copy the drawing and make a clean black-and-white print.

OR use PIAF pen or fabric marker to copy the image directly onto Swell paper.

3.     If you scanned image to make a PDF, print the PDF onto Swell paper or copy the printed PDF onto Swell paper

4.     Run the swell paper print through the PIAF or Swell machine

Now you have a visual and tactile drawing that can be reproduced, used in books and projects, displayed and shared with multiple people.

This video is a tutorial about how to take a raised line drawing on tactile drawing film and transferring it to PIAF (pictures in a flash) tactile drawing in order to create a durable, tactile drawing that is also visually accessible and easy to use in projects.

Video: HOW TO Turn a Tactile Drawing Film Drawing Into PIAF Image – sharpie method

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