A Slant Board built at the Assistive Device Center, with three tactile tiles.

How to build a slant board

Step by step directions on how to build an assistive device slant board, with pictures

Slant boards are made up of six pieces (2 for the face and 4 for the back box).

Before cutting the pieces for your slant board you must determine the dimensions you would like your slant board to be (height x width of the face, size of the lip, height x width x depth of the box and what you would like the angle of tilt to be. 

The following directions are based on the dimensions for a typical size slant board made at the Assistive Device Center.

Making the Face with Lip

1. Cut an 18″ x 12″ piece for the face (using a jigsaw, band saw, or an available cutting tool).

graphic showing the front view of the slant board

2. Cut an 18″ x 1 1/4″ piece for the lip. 
lip of the slant board

3. Using the sander or sand paper round the two front corners of the lip. 
rounded lip of slant board

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue lip onto bottom edge of the face. 
slant board with lip attached

Making the Box of the Slant Board

1. Cut two 7 5/8″ x 5″ pieces. Ensure your edges are straight and that your corners form right angles. Sand the pieces as necessary to maintain clean edges.
top view of pieces with measurements
2. Use a protractor to draw a line creating a 60 degree angle on each piece. 

3. Cut side pieces along the line that you drew. 
view of cut piece
4. Cut one 10″ x 7″ piece for the bottom. 

5. Trim one front long edge of bottom piece using the band saw (adjust table of band saw to 30 degrees) or by sanding.
piece sanded

6. Cut one 10″ x 5″ piece for the back.
piece with dimensions

7. Once all your pieces are cut and trimmed, glue the bottom and back piece together first.
side view of two pieces joined

8. Glue on the side pieces one at a time. (Place glue on inside edge of side pieces, not on the edge of back and bottom.)
two views of pieces attached one at a time

9. Center box on back of face. Line front edge of box to bottom edge of face. Trace points of contact to indicate where to glue. Then glue face to box.
three views of box on back of slant board

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