Humanware Connect 12 video magnifier displaying a graphed equation.

How the Connect 12 can help students with math

This device made accessing my schoolwork a lot easier as I could now complete most assignments digitally, math included!

I have been using the Connect 12 from Humanware since I was a sophomore in high school. This device made accessing my schoolwork a lot easier as I could now complete most assignments digitally, math included! During that time, I took geometry and algebra 2. I also took a basic medical math class in college, where I learned important math skills for nursing such as conversions and how to calculate IV flow rates. My math skills definitely were not the strongest, but I did learn some helpful resources for making math content easier to access.

Using the Magnifier

In high school, I would often use the magnifier to enlarge the textbook or worksheet and work out my answers on a separate page. It is worth noting that all of my math classes mentioned in this post were in person. I did have some virtual math classes during the pandemic, but for the most part, I preferred to take math classes in person. I would also use the magnifier to enlarge the display of my calculator during tests and quizzes. I could have used the built in calculator on the Connect 12, but I didn’t like that when I switched between apps and then went back the magnifier, that the zoom settings would be reset. Also, for some of the more advanced algebra concepts, a physical calculator could do them better than the Connect 12 could. In high school, the calculator I used was a TI-84 CE and the calculator I used in college was the calculator app built into the iPhone.  

Using the Calculator Built into the Connect 12 

The calculator that is built into the Connect 12 is actually pretty powerful and has some great tools for students. The calculator has three different modes that can be accessed by pressing the settings button in the upper left corner once the calculator app has been launched. The different modes include standard, scientific, and graphing. Most of the time, I kept mine in the graphing mode as I could access all of the different features and I didn’t have to change modes.  

Perhaps one of the most useful features for students is the ability to insert a graphed equation directly into a document that is in the gallery of prodigi, which is Humanware’s suite of apps that come pre- installed on the Connect 12. It should be noted that the graph can only have one equation at a time. To insert a graph into a document: 

  1. Create a new document or open an existing document. 
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner 
  3. Tap Append
  4. Tap New Function Graph.  
  5. The calculator will appear.  Type in the equation you would like to graph.
  6. Press Graph
  7. When the graph appears, push the save button to save the graph to the document 

Once the graph is in the document, students can use the annotation tool to add text, draw points, or highlight points of interest on the graph. It is important that students still have a basic understanding of how to draw graphs and plot points by hand as some tests or quizzes may not allow use of a calculator.  

I did not use the Connect 12 on any standardized tests as I used a large print version of the test booklet and I used motor memory to access my calculator. In college, I didn’t have to graph equations so I didn’t really use the calculator on the Connect 12. Instead, I used the calculator on my phone (my professor was fine with phones in the classroom). I still used the Connect 12 to access content and complete assignments digitally. However, even if I did not get much use out of these tools, I hope that others will find this information useful.   

by CWhodat

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