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How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

Learn how to meet with vendors, network with colleagues, and sit in on inspiring presenters - all as if you were meeting face-to-face!

For me, state, regional and international conferences are all about networking with old friends and meeting new folks in the vision field, listening to innovating presenters, and checking out cutting-edge technology. Participating in a session and then chatting about the session afterwards with like-minding colleagues – is priceless! Sitting down to discuss issues, share ideas and brainstorm solutions is – almost – as important to me as sitting in the sessions. So how does this networking piece factor into a virtual conference? 

I’m amazed at the social interactions available during a virtual conference! Let’s take a look at one virtual conference platform, called 10times. This is the platform that the SOMA conference is using. (Southeastern Orientation and Mobility Association)

Getting Started

You do have to register for the desired conference to join. Once registered,  join by selecting the provided conference link. The virtual conference is set up similar to a face-to-face conference. Let’s go explore the 10times virtual conference platform!

Virtual Conference Areas

The column on the left has 7 buttons that enable you to move around to different areas in the virtual conference.

Personal Settings

On the right side of the screen is a column with your personal settings. Additional options may be available, depending on where you are in the conference room. The standard options are:

Note: Areas like the Lounge have additional options such as Watch and Private.

Dona Sauerburger and friends created this YouTube video to demonstrates how the 10times virtual conference platform works. See Donna’s video below.

Note: The SOMA conference (Dec. 14 -15th) is using the 10times virtual conference platform. There is an Open House Saturday September 26, 2020 and Tuesday Sept. 29, 2020  for conference participants to explore the virtual conference platform. This Open House is only for those who are registered for SOMA. Go to the SOMA website for more information about the conference.

Wow – just wow! Who knew that a virtual conference could be so much fun! I think I’ll go join Dona at table 2. . . 

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