Students with Deafblindness experiencing music.

Historical Recordings

Links to historical recordings from 1932-1980s. The bulk document Perkins History, including a Centenary Address in 1932 and a Christmas concert and address from 1935. All recordings include transcripts.


Centenary Address by Dr. Edward E. Allen“, is a recording of an address given at the Perkins Centenary Celebration on November 10, 1932, by Perkins Director, Edward E. Allen, titled “Perkins Institution Within the Memory of Those Still Living.” 


Circa 1980s

The Perkins Bells: Sounds and history“, a recording of Alumnae and staff sharing the history of the Perkins bells, including how they were made and what they sound like.

Portrait of Cora Crocker, a Perkins student with deafblindness, wearing a long white dress and leaning against an ornately carved wooden chair. Portrait studio backdrop has a classical column at the top right.

Cora Crocker

Close-up of the Christmas Concert Program from 1935 that reads, "Perkins Institution invites you to attend the Concert of Christmas Music".

Christmas Concert with address by Farrell, 1935

Display of talking books for blind readers from the Library of Congress, 1958.

1935 WPA talking book machine address