Benjamin Franklin wearing bifocals

Historical Biography Box

This activity will teach blind and visually impaired students about historical figures by using biography boxes.

  1. Students will define the term biography.
  2. Students will choose a historical figure that interests them, read the biography for comprehension, and take notes.
  3. Students will gather five items that are associated with the subject of their biography and place in a box.
  4. Students will give an oral presentation on the biography subject and their five items.
  5. Students will explain the significance of the items in the life of the biography subject to their classmates.

Fleur-de-lis    bi-focals  


  1. Items can be labeled with braille for identification when sharing with students who are braille readers.
  2. This can be adapted for any type of book.

ELA Standard:

Biography Box collage

By Wendy Patrone-Mentzer

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