Original source: HIMS, Inc. May 8, 2024

Dear HIMS Inc. blindness and low vision technology customer,

I am writing to bring your attention to a matter of mistaken identity that has been developing over the past few years. Due to recent negative press of a different pharmaceutical company bearing the same HIMS trademark name, we have decided to adopt a new Doing Business As (DBA) name, “Selvas North America,” and also a new homepage URL, “www.SelvasBLV.com.

Despite our company conducting business under the HIMS trademark since the late 90’s, our employees are constantly fielding calls and emails intended for the other company. Rest assured, we will continue manufacturing and distributing high-quality assistive technology products under the well-established and respected HIMS trademark name.

However, in the coming weeks, we will begin doing business as Selvas North America in alignment with our parent company name, Selvas Healthcare. Please know that HIMS Inc. and/or our parent company are not in any way shape or form affiliated with the other HIMS, which is a pharmaceutical company.

We thank you for your attention and understanding as we attempt to mitigate the damage being caused by this matter of mistaken identity.

Randy Ahn

CEO/Selvas North America 

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