Hide and Peep logo: Cartoon yellow chick peeping behind an overturned pot.

Hide and Peep App: Visual Scanning App

Play Hide and Seek with Peep and his friends!

Whimsical Peep and his friends peek out from behind items in the tool shed. Can you find them? Tap the spot where the character is hiding! This mainstream educational game was designed to encourage budding scientists to develop keen observation skills and practice their memory skills.

Screenshot of Hide and Peep app: inside of tool shed with bench with drawers, box, overturned pots, watering can, bucket, and piles of dirt.

Screenshot of Hide and Peep app: Peep is hiding behind dirt, Quack is in a drawer, and Chirp is behind the pots.

This free app can also be used to practice visual scanning. The adorable characters pop up and then disappear. Students can easily spot the brightly colored characters. Students are asked to tap where each character is hidden. Students have to remember not only where individual characters are hidden, but also have to carefully listen to know which character to find.


Hide and Peep has good contrast between the background items in the tool shed and the brightly colored characters. 

This app is not accessible with VoiceOver/screen reader.

Hide and Peep in the App Store

Hide and Peep in Google Play Store

Science Activity

While in the app, select the Information button in the top right corner to access the Searching for Animals Science Activity.

Hide and Peep app is part of the animated series PEEP and the Big Wide World whose mission is to teach science to preschoolers. Learn more about PEEP and the Big Wide World here. Learn about the Diagram Center’s Accessible Peep Project here.

Throwback Thursday: This blog was initially published in May 2018. Interested in more Peep activities? Check out the Peep and the Big wide World: Diagram Center’s Accessibility Project post!

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