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Have app idea? Share with Blindfold Games!

We need accessible educational apps - here i your opportunity to make it happen!

Blindfold games developer, Marty, is actively seeking input for educational game ideas. What educational skills are students practicing through apps – apps that are not accessible to students with visual impairments? Here is YOUR chance to connect with a developer who is seeking game ideas! Read what Marty has to say below:

I was invited to CCVIP’s 11th Annual Conference on Employment and Visual Impairment at Baruch College in New York City.   About 300 people came – teachers and therapists for the visually impaired community, visually impaired people from the New York City, ophthalmologists and others seeking to improve the employment problem for blind people.

When I spoke, I discovered about 10% of the audience were familiar with the games, and they gave a nice round of applause.  That’s both good and bad: good that the games made some people very happy, and bad that so few people knew about them.

Many TVIs – teachers of the visually impaired – stopped by my table after the speech and inquired about the games.  They were surprised to discover that there were over 80 games,  and that they can use some of the games for Orientation and Mobility training.

Several teachers asked for more training games – games that practice sequencing, such as which of three items is the largest, and games that practice spelling and arithmetic.  Several teachers offered to collaborate with me on these educational games.

If you are a TVI or VRT, and you have ideas for educational games or apps for your clients, please contact me.  From what I learned, there’s a real need for this.



By Diane Brauner

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