Handprint Art

Handprint Art

Learn how to make tactile handprint art with this simple recipe!

Make and decorate your own handprint!


  1. pour the detergent and water into the mixing bowl
  2. whip by hand for 5-7 minutes (the children can help with this) or electrically for 2-3 minutes (the electric mixer should only be handled by the supervisors)
  3. mix in food coloring dye
  4. using their hands, the children can smooth a thick layer of the detergent mix onto a piece of contruction paper
  5. when the layer of detergent mix becomes firm, a child can press his or her hand in to form a handprint
  6. each child can then add  textured objects or decorations around his or her handprint
  7. when the handprint art projects harden, each child can have fun feeling its surface and finding their own hand 


Instead of making handprints, the children could use the same detergent mixture to make footprints.

art activities for children who are blind or visually impaired


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