Guidelines for Using Material from the Perkins eLearning Site

Guidelines for Using Material from the Perkins eLearning Site

We are glad that you find our material useful and we hope that you will share it with others. Our goal is to support teachers, families, and others who work with children who are blind or visually impaired, including those who have additional disabilities or who are deafblind. We respectfully ask that you follow some basic guidelines. Please note that we do NOT grant permission to use anything on this site for profit-making purposes.

Printing, Emailing, and Sharing Materials on Social Media

Please do feel free to print and share activities, resources, and other items that you find useful! There are icons on many pages that it make it easy for you to do this:

We just ask that it be clearly marked where the material comes from and who the author is. If the author is not specified, then please note that the author is Perkins eLearning.

Posting on the Web

Reprinting in Newsletters or Other Publications


ocal chapter members of the Protestant Guild for the Blind listening to a talking book in Massachusetts, circa 1940.

Oral Histories


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Boy uses slant board with female teacher

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