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Guidelines for submitting an article to Paths to Technology

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Paths to Technology is proud to be a Community of Practice for educators, parents and students who are interested in learning about and staying current on technology for students with low vision or blindness. We welcome contributions on a variety of topics tech-related topics from your favorite apps and devices, new features and software updates, teaching strategies, video tutorials and lessons. In this digital age, everyone has experience with technology, and we encourage practitioners and students to share your knowledge!

What are popular topics?

P2T posts cover a wide range of applications and devices for both mainstream technologies and technologies designed specifically for users of all ages with low vision, blindness, or multiple disabilities. Here are a few popular topics:

Educators are creative! You are teaching and embedding technology skills into daily lessons – simply share your favorite lesson. 

Today’s students are tech savvy! Ask your student to show-off his/her skills by creating a video tutorial using his/her favorite device to complete a classroom assignment. Example: Create a video tutorial demonstrating how to create a Google Slide presentation using JAWS, VoiceOver, or a braille display.

Need help picking a topic or narrowing down your topic? Contact Diane at [email protected].

Note to Students

Did you know that there is a Student section on Paths to Technology – written by students for students? Student bloggers who blog regularly have used their P2T blogger experience on college applications, internships and even job applications. P2T has been honored to write numerous support letters for regular bloggers.

What should be included in the submission?

What about Images, videos, and copyright?

Images and videos

Additional Copyright

How will I be recognized as an author?

Note: Young student bloggers often use pseudonyms. Student bloggers who might be interested in using their blogger experience on applications or resumes, may want to use their first name or first and last name. While blogger photos are typically headshots, the blogger may choose to use a generic image and not a headshot photo.

How can I earn Continuing Education Credits?

Blogs for credit must be original content for Paths to Technology. We cannot offer credit for a submission that has already been used somewhere else. Each post can only receive one type of Continuing Education Credits:

How do I submit the article?

Send your article to Diane Brauner at [email protected]. Contact us with any questions!

Articles become the property of Paths to Technology.

By Diane Brauner 2/14/23

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