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Guide Dog Online Workshops for Students

So your students things they want a guide dog? Join this online workshop!

There are two upcoming online workshops:

Workshop #1

So Your Student Thinks They Want a Guide Dog ONLINE Workshop

Monday April 20 10am-12pm PST

Are you an educator in blind field services and have a student or client who is curious about guide dogs but doesn’t know where to start? This workshop will cover how to help them decide if a guide dog is right for them, what skills they will need before applying to schools, common misconceptions about guide dogs, how to pick a guide dog school, what to expect during the application process, and how to best prepare for school once they are accepted. O&M and ILS skills will be covered. Please RSVP to Briana Kusuma at ‪[email protected] with your full name, email, phone, and job title. NOTE: this workshop takes place online via Zoom and will have ACVREP continuing education credits available.

Workshop #2

So You Think You Want a Guide Dog for Youth and Families

Monday April 27 10am-12pm Pacific Time

This workshop is geared towards blind and visually impaired high school students, transition age youth, and their families.  If you are an educator with a student who is attending this workshop, you can also join this workshop. Please RSVP to Briana Kusuma at ‪[email protected].



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