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Google Search Tips

Looking for something - just Google it! How to be more efficient with your Google Searches!

Google Search is defined as a web search engine developed by Google LLC. It is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web across all platforms, handling more than three billion searches each day. We all ‘Google it’, but are we efficient with our keywords when searching? We have all learned – mostly through trial and error – basic keywords to use when doing a Google search. (Keywords are the the words that you type in when searching the  web.) Did you know that by adding characters such as quotes or asteriks you can quickly narrow your search? Check out these under-the-hood shortcuts!

Google Tips

For details, go to 9 Google Tricks for Better Search Results.

Students and teachers need to know how to Google like a pro! Teachers, have you specifically taught your students how to do efficiently search the web? The video below uses more complex content in its examples – it is geared for older students or adults.

By Diane Brauner

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