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Google Meet and Screen Share

The free and easy way to use Google Meet to Screen Share

Many school systems are going to G Suite for Education, which allow educators and students to collaborate using technology and share opportunities for learning. There are many applications available in the Suite and one I use for my students with low vision is Google Meet. Previously, Google Hangouts provided both video conferencing as well as messenger capabilities. Then Google separated them into Google Meet (video conferencing) and Google Hangouts (messaging and chat). 

If your instructional program is looking for a simple, bare-bones, free screen share application, then Google Meet may fit the bill. The speed and simplicity of using a link without requiring additional plug-ins helps with faster connections and may streamline instructional time. 

Besides providing screen share capabilities, Google Meet could also provide instructional content when a student is absent or being served through a homebound service. To use the screen share when the student is not present in the classroom, it is important to allow the microphone so the student can hear the lesson. Screen Share can be used with a SmartBoard, Mimio Board, Tablet, Desktop, iPad or even a telephone. It works across multiple devices. When using Meet with the Mimio Board and an iPad, the student was able to see real time applications of the teacher demonstrating math work. 

Google Meet can also be added to your Google Calendar as an invitation. You will select Google Meets where it says to “Add rooms, location or conferencing.” You will select “Add Conferencing Hangouts Meet.” In the calendar, Google has Hangouts and Meets together as they both provide a conferencing service. Once you select conferencing and Google Meet, you will receive a meeting code. If your G Suite will not allow you to open Meet without the microphone and/or video, simply allow it for access, then turn it off once you are in the meeting. 

Using the security of the G Suite also provides a safe screen share option as only members with the link can access the screen share. Administrators of your G Suite for Education may also be able to record your sessions as needed.  

Screen sharing with Google Meet instructions:

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