Image of Earth from space and text

Google Earth O&M lesson

Using Google Earth to explore area and build a mental map.

My student is a 16-year-old high schooler who wants to walk to his friend’s house in a city environment. We have been working on intersections and street crossings theoretically and in the immediate school environment but have never been to his neighborhood due to O&M in school only and not able to transport. We will look at his neighborhood via Google Earth, checking street names, intersections, crosswalks and landmarks. We will then make a map of the entire route. I would also like to incorporate BlindSquare with points of interest. Student is an excellent traveler with good O&M skills. Google earth is helpful to get a full picture of the for route first, enlarge to get specifics and then have the student map.  He enjoys technology and loves to explore environments he would like to travel to via Google Earth.  He has sufficient vision to do it this time.


By Techno’

hands in home row position on a QWERTY keyboard

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Photo of Jonathan Hooper with tech-themed background.

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Graphic: "Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers"

Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers