Image of Text:  OCR built into Google.

Google Docs and OCR: Easily Translate Images into Text!

Learn how to use Google Docs' built-in OCR.

Google Docs has given OCR a front and center WOW!  Take an image document, save to drive, hit your applications key (that key that is between your start menu and ctrl on a desktop) and open with Google Docs. Wait for Google to take it through the OCR process, do a ctrl A (Control A) to select all, copy with ctrl C and paste with ctrl V into word. Hit the ctrl key, which takes you into paste options and press T for keep text only. That’s it– it is that easy! If you can get the document electronically, you can send it through to drive and OCR that image into text. 

In the first video, Dr. Denise Robinson demonstrates how translate SCANNED images into text when using JAWS.  Yes, you can do the same thing using NVDA.  For more videos by Dr. Denise Robinson, go to

In the second video, Kaleigh and Dr. Denise Robinson demonstrate the same process using DocHub.

By Diane Brauner

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