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Gingerbread man activities: Tactile skills

Run, run as fast as you can! Trace those lines around the gingerbread man!

“Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Holidays are full of fun activities, including making and decorating gingerbread men! Are you looking for gingerbread man-themed resources for students who are tactile learners? Check out these resources that can be printed on a tactile graphics machine, such as the PIAF or Swell machines.

Concept development

Does your student know what a ‘gingerbread man’ is? Preschool and kindergarten classrooms will often make and/or decorate gingerbread man cookies. This is a terrific hands-on activity for all students! Can your student recognize a raised line gingerbread man? Here is a coloring page raised line gingerbread man. Ask your student to find and identify the various parts of the gingerbread man before coloring the gingerbread man.

Outline image of a gingerbread man with eyes, mouth, bow, buttons, and wavy lines on hands and feet.



Gingerbread man: Counting

Young students are given numerous simple coloring worksheets which build fine motor skills while practicing simple math skills. These worksheets are not to keep students “busy” – these worksheets are designed to practice specific skills and are used to develop the ability to work independently! Unfortunately for students who rely on tactile materials, these worksheets are not always created in an accessible format. It is my personal opinion that it is critical for students to have tactile worksheets! Braille students need access to build the same skills as their peers, plus these braille students can use these tactile worksheets to build concepts. Do not skip these worksheets, especially because it takes time to create tactile versions. Using a tactile graphics machine, it is a simple process to create important raised line worksheets!

The gingerbread counting worksheet can be used in many ways. Add a braille number to each line; ask the student to color (or mark with a crayon) the desired number of gingerbread men.

Want to make your own Gingerbread man counting worksheet? Simply download the gingerbread man blank image. Copy and paste the image into your preferred word document application. Adjust the size of the gingerbread man image and copy it. Paste the gingerbread man in rows. If desired, leave spaces between each gingerbread man and between each row. The smaller the gingerbread man image, the more gingerbread men will fit in each row!


Note: Repetitive worksheets are a great way for students to become familiar with the activity so that they can complete the activity independently. Young kids LOVE doing similar worksheets, with different themes!


Gingerbread man: Subitizing

Subitizing tends to be a visual math skill, making it more challenging to adapt for students who are blind. This gingerbread man worksheet template can be used as a gingerbread man-themed worksheet. The first grouping is one row of five gingerbread men – representing a 5-frame. The second and third groupings each have two rows of five gingerbread men – representing a 10-frame. Use these frames to practice subitizing 0-10. Can your student color/mark four gingerbread man? Can you mark the gingerbread men and have your student quickly identify the corresponding number without counting?

Subitizing: Outlined gingerbread men representing a 5 five-frame and 10-frame.


Gingerbread man story: video

Gingerbread man video story:

Additional resource

Gingerbread man: Sequence, copy and paste activities

by Diane Brauner

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A colorful decorated gingerbread man cookie.

Gingerbread man: Sequence, copy and paste activities

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