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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for all: Embrace the spirit of inclusion

Explore Perkins’ official holiday gift guide for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have other disabilities. Find 52 empowering and inclusive gift ideas that bring you closer to your loved ones while supporting small businesses.

The 2023 holiday season is upon us! To make your search for the perfect gifts for people who are blind, visually impaired, or disabled a breeze, we’ve put together a thoughtful holiday gift guide. This list is brimming with gift ideas to foster connections and support small businesses and entrepreneurs within the disability community.

Give a gift that gives back.

Give something truly unique by making a gift to Perkins in your loved one’s honor! Your gift will help us further our mission of creating a more inclusive, accessible world.

Holiday gift guide for kids and adults: Putting the person first

Our top advice is to focus on the individual’s preferences. Whether they love tech gadgets, classic toys, or new clothes, consider their unique needs and interests. Then, put a special finishing touch on your gift with a custom large print or braille greeting card!

As you shop, remember to stop by locally-owned toy stores and ask about their selections of inclusive and accessible toys.

For your fashionable friends

As the weather turns colder, consider gifting warm adaptive clothing like custom ponchos or adapted coats.

For something extra special, explore customized braille jewelry, such as

A young girl hangs in a blue therapy swing.

Thoughtful toys for all ages, especially kids

Children with disabilities love to play, especially with toys suited to their needs. Here are some of our top gifts for the child in your life this holiday season: 

For kids who love cause-and-effect toys

kids who love sensory toys

Those who love music and sounds

Thanks to the CVINow team for providing the above recommendations! For more CVI-focused gifts ideas, be sure to read our CVI parent’s guide to the holidays.

For the aspiring chef and food lover

Transform the kitchen into an accessible haven with these thoughtful gifts:

  • These Candoable Reusable Braille Labels make containers easy to identify, while tactile bumps can be used to mark appliances and more. 
  • You can find braille measuring cups, spoons and cookbooks from the Braille Bookstore’s Kitchen Corner.
  • Browse National Braille Press gift selections for ideas like the Stir It Up! Recipes & Techniques for Young Blind Cooks
  • A practical, yet cool, gift for a person who is visually impaired would definitely be this high contrast and tactile coaster. (We’ve seen this everywhere on social media!) 
  • Pair the tactile coaster with a Liquid level indicator so that the person in your life always knows how much is left in their tea or coffee. 
  • John Furniss (also known as The Blind Woodsman) is a woodworker who is blind and makes incredible bowls, pots, and more.
  • Lake Geneva Coffee Roastery is owned and run by Jeremiah Fox. Because Jeremiah is legally blind, he uses his keen sense of smell, hearing, and taste to create his roast profiles using the assistance of talking timers and tactile points on his machine’s controls so he can adjust the temperature and airflow.
  • iGrill 3 is an app-connected thermometer that monitors the doneness of up to four cuts of meat and notifies you once the food has reached the perfect temperature. (Although the digital display on the thermometer itself is not accessible, it can be read using the free iGrill app on a smartphone.)

For the bookworm

Feed their love for reading with inclusive options like:

  • Hello, My World: A High-Contrast Board Book helps visual development in newborns and babies. 
  • We highly recommend this year’s release, Magic Eyes — a book written by a Perkins parent inspired by her son, Brick who has Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI), the current leading cause of childhood blindness. 
  • DK Braille Books are inclusive for young braille readers and the entire family with braille, print, as well as tactile images. You’ll find selections featuring topics such as fun facts, animals, shapes, counting, and transportation. 
  • Hayley at Dotty About Braille makes beautiful and bright braille stationery, perfect for lovers of books and all things stationery! Check out her online shop
  • Trevor at Inclusive Dinos makes dinosaur stickers that are inclusive and represent a wide range of disabilities. Sometimes, books and stickers go together. Redbubble shop
Dot Watch, a braille watch in silver with braille clock face and mesh strap

For the techie

Explore cutting-edge tech options that prioritize accessibility:

  • Feelif is a tablet with a special tactile grid for a multi-sensory experience.
  • Dot Watch is a smart braille watch for time-telling, call answering, and message reading.
On a table are candles, a set of dominoes, cards, plates, forks, and a slice of pecan pie.
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For the fan of winter and holidays

Celebrate their love for winter or specific holidays with these festive ideas:

Remember, gift-giving is a meaningful way to show you care. This 2023 holiday gift guide is simply that: a guide. Your thoughtful choices will be a lasting reminder of your kindness. Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Help us create a more inclusive, accessible world.

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