A young Perkins student sits at a festive table and works on a holiday craft.

Gifts for people who are blind and the people who love them

Here's a few ideas for holiday giving this year, with a special focus on small businesses and visually impaired entrepreneurs.

The holiday season is here! To help you in your search for gifts for people who are blind, we’ve created this gift guide that’s full of ideas to help bring you and your loved ones closer together, while supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who are blind!

Put a special finishing touch on your gift by sending along a custom large print or braille greeting card! As you shop from this list or your own, don’t forget to check with locally-owned toy stores about the avenues they have to provide you with accessible toys.

Give a gift that gives back.

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Our recommended gifts for kids and adults who are blind

Our best piece of advice is, with all the challenges around us this year, shop early and make allowances for shipping delays. Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, and stay safe!

For the techie

  • Feelif is a tablet with a special tactile grid that enables the user to orient themselves to different areas of the screen. Using a combination of vibration, sound and visual information, kids who are blind or visually impaired are presented with a multi-sensory experience. The content is also developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired, making it even more accessible. Kids can play games, make drawings, and take photos.
Dot Watch, a braille watch in silver with braille clock face and mesh strap
  • Dot Watch is refreshable braille technology put in motion and integrated into a mobile form. You can tell time, answer calls and read messages on this smart braille watch. The vibration on the Dot Watch will alert you each time. While designed for accessibility, we love that it definitely doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style!

For the fashionista

Braille mask by Aille Design
  • “Good design shouldn’t exclude anyone,” says Alexa Jovanovic, founder of Aille Design. The company’s designs are inclusive, fully legible for braille readers, and beautifully showcase the importance of inclusive representation in the fashion industry.
  • Eye Power Kids Wear was founded by a mom whose son was born with vision impairment. “We started Eye Power Kids Wear to help Scott grow up proud of his eye patch and glasses. I wanted him to grow up feeling proud and excited about who he is.” 
  • Need something extra special for that special someone? Why not go for a customized piece of braille jewelry! You’ll find puppy love gifts for guide dog lovers and cane charms for white cane users from Braille Design.

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For the classic board game lover

Since we’re now on devices more than ever with remote learning and zoom meetings, wouldn’t it be nice to have some fun playing tactile classic board games and card games? There are many accessible options available in large print and braille so the entire family can play. You’ll find Monopoly, Scrabble, Go Fish, Braille UNO, tactile dice, traditional playing cards in braille and large print and many more! Who’s ready to make game night fun for everyone? 

For the athlete (or budding athlete) in your life

The Braille Bookstore carries accessible sporting goods such as audible soccer, disc soccer, football, basketball … as long as that ball beeps, that blind or visually impaired child can compete! There’s even a talking pedometer for those who count their daily steps.

For the foodie

Help create an accessible kitchen and make meal-prep a family activity. We found lots of easy to implement (and cost-effective) gifts for kids and adults who are blind.

Braille mug with "I Love You' in braille and writing
  • John Furniss (also known as The Blind Woodsman) is a blind woodworker who makes *incredible* bowls, pots and more.
  • Lake Geneva Coffee Roastery is owned and run by Jeremiah Fox. Because Jeremiah is legally blind, he uses his keen sense of smell, hearing, and taste to create his roast profiles using the assistance of talking timers and tactile points on his machine’s controls so he can adjust the temperature and airflow.

For the music aficionado

Music is always a great gift for someone who’s visually impaired! Help them get a start on a new record collection. Or, encourage their creative talents by getting them an instrument. People with visual impairments can play instruments just like any other. Though if you’re looking for some guidance on instrumental adaptations specifically for people with disabilities, check out the Augmented Instruments Labratory!

For the book lover

The Lux + Louise multilingual songbook for blind children exposes them to Dutch, English, French, and German from an early age and allows them to explore this world independently. The songs have been recorded and are available on YouTube and Spotify. The creator of the book, Laura Steinbusch of Lux + Louise, was inspired by her young son Enzo, who was born with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) and loved learning other languages through songs.

You’ll receive 1 book containing:

  • 5 children’s songs in 4 languages (EN, FR, DE, NL) which can be listened on Youtube and Spotify
  • All text and music in print and braille
  • 6 tactile illustrations with explanations and questions
  • You’ll be able to sing, discover illustrations and learn to read text and music together.

DK Braille Books are also inclusive for the young braille readers and the entire family with braille, print, as well as tactile images. You’ll find selections featuring topics such as fun facts, animals, shapes, counting, and transportation. 

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