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Game Changing Video

The importance of accessible technology from the perspectives of students and adults who need and use it!

EdGames Expo Special Education Showcase video is a combination effort between AEM Center at CAST and Bridge Multmedia. This 1-hour documentary-style video sends a powerful message about the importance of accessible technology, from the perspectives of students and adults who need and use AT on a daily basis.

“Included in the recording are two inspiring documentary-style videos showcasing the “game-changing” power of accessible technology, told through the voices of parents, students, educators, and developers. Each story captures the experiences of young people with disabilities for whom accessible design eliminates barriers to their goals, compelling each of us to confront the question: “What does accessibility really mean?”  Following each documentary-style video is a segment of panel-style questions and responses from the participants. 

Please share the link and feel free to use the video or segments of it in your courses, advocacy, and other communications and collaborations.” – Rebecca Sheffield, US Department of Education

Stay tuned for more video segments and related materials on the AEM website.



By Diane Brauner

hands in home row position on a QWERTY keyboard

Keyboarding curriculum: Accessibyte’s Typio Pro vs. Typio

Photo of Jonathan Hooper with tech-themed background.

Multimedia accessibility: The multimodal toolbox approach

Graphic: "Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers"

Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers