Marsha Bork

First Look At BrailleNote Touch!

First experiences with the new BrailleNote Touch.

I have a BrailleNote Touch loaner unit.  These units will not be available for shipping until sometime in May 2016.  You can imagine how excited I am to be one of the first people to get my hands on it, literally!

My student, Danna, has been using Humanware note takers for the past 10  years. Currently she has the APEX.    “Transitioning to the BrailleNote Touch is going to be easy since the Touch is similar to using the Apex,” Danna said. Danna just couldn’t stop smiling as she opened the case and found the Apex-like keyboard on top of the Android tablet!

This video shows Danna exploring the BrailleNote Touch and its carrying case with the built-in keyboard, which is included in the price of the Touch!

The BrailleNote Touch, driven by Keysoft, utilizing the Android operating system makes a winning combination!     

I plan to post more videos about the Touch as my students and I continue this “touching” experience!

By Marsha Bork

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