A Samsung tablet displaying Feelif Draw app: drawing of a red building

Feelif Draw

Feelif Draw is a fun tool that enables students who are blind to draw in colors!

Did you know that Feelif is an excellent tool for communication between a blind or visually impaired person and someone who sees?

And did you know that with Feelif blind can draw in colours?

Yes, thanks to our innovative technology, now this is possible!

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What is Feelif?

Feelif is a multimedia device for blind and visually impaired and it is the best social innovation in Europe, according to European Social Innovation Competition 2017!

We developed three Feelif Devices:

Who are we?

We are worldwide first provider of multisensory digital games and educational content for the blind and visually impaired and our goal is to enrich lives of the blind and visually impaired persons all over the world.

How it works?

We are using our patented technology which is special relief grid and special app which uses vibrations, voice and sound. Together with adopted Samsun device, users can feel what is beneath his finger finger on a touchscreen! For the first time, blind can feel shapes on a tablet!

What about drawing?

A Samsung tablet displaying Feelif Draw app: drawing of a red building, yellow building, green tree, blue clouds, and black car.

We developed special app Feelif Draw. It can be used with Feelif Creator and Feelif Pro. Actually, Feelif Pro comes with this app, so you can start drawing immediately!

You can draw in 4 different colours: red, blue, yellow and green. To be able to recognize colours, we are using different instruments so that the user knows which line he is touching. The application for drawing (Feelif Draw) is also supported with different tones, which are unique for each direction (for example: The tone if you are moving from left to right is different as the tone when you are moving from right to left, up to down, diagonal). Tones change when each direction is changed, therefore a blind or visually impaired person can easily follow the line.

Do you want to learn more about Feelif Draw?

More information about Feelif Draw here.

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