Books about CVI, the brain, and visual impairment lined up on a shelf

Essential CVI books

Build knowledge and get inspiration from the growing body of literature about CVI, the brain, and visual impairment

There is a lot of great literature out there about CVI, how the brain heals and changes, and broader topics related to visual impairments. 

Each of these texts is foundational to an inclusive and robust understanding of CVI. 

If you want to go even deeper in understanding specific aspects of visual processing disorders that can be part of CVI, here are a couple of texts. 

Children with CVI are part of the population of individuals who are visually impaired. Here are some texts that help understand a range of topics—self-esteem, independence, social skills, and multiple disabilities—that intersect with visual impairment. 

As a CVI parent or professional, you will begin to learn more about the brain than you ever imagined! The field of neuroscience continues to grow with texts and articles that help us figure out the wonders of the brain, neuroplasticity, and how the visual system works in conjunction with the other systems in the brain. Here some fascinating texts about the brain!

Happy Reading! Continue exploring essential CVI resources: research articles, videos, and CVI stories from families and individuals with CVI.

Girl wearing glasses and a bright pink top looks away from the table

CVI: Response Interval

a boy holds a red object

CVI: Visual recognition

A girl in classroom decorates an illuminated vase with a purple ribbon

CVI: Visual attention