EquatIO is a math extension that makes math digital. Type, handwrite, dictate, or simply copy a printed math equation; EquatIO converts these math equations into digital format. Use the Screenshot Reader Feature and turn any equation into accessible, editable math. EquatIO’s Screenshot Reader works on computers and tablets, including Chromebooks.

Want to know more about EquatIO’s Screenshot Reader? Go to How to Make Math Accessible on the Web and watch the video below.

This video demonstrates how to use the Screenshot Reader in EquatIO for Google to make math accessible across the web. 

This video is a demonstration on how to use EquatIO Mobile (mainstream use of EquatIO, not accessibility features), a mobile companion for all EquatIO platforms. Access EquatIO Mobile here or  go to our EquatIO website.


By Diane Brauner

Graphic: How I read research sources with assistive technology.

How I read research sources with assistive technology

Photo of two young men: Sean and Isiah.

Sean and Isiah’s journey part 3: Preparation

A Circuit with the side image of a head in the center of the circuit wires.

Teaching Artificial Intelligence to BLV students