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EPIQ (Experience Programming in Quorum) 2024

Interested in learning more about accessible programming with Quorum? EPIQ is for you!

Note: EPIQ is not a Perkins School for the Blind event.

Sign up for Pathfinders Summer Institute and Infosys Foundation USA EPIQ 2024!

Dear EPIQ Community,

We are in the planning stages for the Pathfinders Summer Institute and Infosys Foundation USA EPIQ 2024 and are excited to announce that you can now sign up to participate. This year, we are back in person at the Washington State School for the Blind from July 8th – July 12th. Due to amazing support from partners in helping us get back in person, we are expecting this to be an amazing year. Applications received by April 26th, 2024 will be prioritized for funding.  Specifically, if you qualify for Pathfinders, we will be covering:

  1. Flights, with approval from conference organizers and within a yet to be determined budget cap
  2. Dorm-style housing at the Washington State School for the Blind
  3. Breakfast and Lunch (Dinners on your own at many of the amazing restaurants in Vancouver)

In addition, we are excited to announce that BirdBrain Technologies has added support for the Quorum Programming Language into their product line, which we believe will come out in Quorum 12. Those that qualify through Pathfinders will receive a Finch Robot to take home with them and use in their classroom (or secretly, on their own). Finch will be integrated into the brand new Quorum Blocks 2.0 system in Quorum Studio 6. There are a few steps to qualify for Pathfinders, but the bottom line is you fill out a form and get a letter from an administrator at your school or library.

For content this year, because we are in person, we are going to fill the days with a variety of topics and the committee is still working hard on the details. As of now, we expect talks from BirdBrain. We also expect a talk from the Mountain Lakes Public Library, which has invented a Quorum Tactile Blocks system they would like to share with the community. Overall, we could not be more excited to discuss robotics, data science, gaming, computer science principles, or who knows what else the community finds fun this year, in addition to all the not yet announced new stuff in Quorum 12 and Quorum Studio 6. If you want to weigh in on what content to choose for the year, there’s a form for that.

Dates: July 8th–12th, 2024

Location: Washington State School for the Blind in Vancouver, WA

Anyway, this year should be awesome. Join us by doing the most fun thing in the universe, filling out the application form. Ok, forms are lame, but the rest should be cool.

Feel free to send questions to [email protected] or any of us on the committee. We look forward to talking to you all at Pathfinders Summer Institute and Infosys Foundation USA EPIQ 2024!


The 2024 Steering Committee

Sara Larkin [email protected] 

Mike Face [email protected] 

Art Rizzino [email protected] 

Alex Hoffman [email protected] 

Andreas Stefik [email protected] 

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