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EPIQ 2023 registration

Interested in teaching accessible coding (Quorum language) and data science to your BLV students? Register now for EPIQ 2023!

Registration for EPIQ 2023 is now open!

Dates: June 26th – 30th 2023

Location: Online – Zoom & Slack

Cost for Teachers: FREE and teachers that meet the Pathfinders requirements can receive a $200 stipend! Teachers can also earn 25 Washington State clock hours.

Cost for Non-Teachers – Free!

EPIQ 2023

Experience Programming in Quorum provides professional development for K-12 teachers who want to learn more about computer science and how to teach it to their students.

The field of computer science has a broad spectrum of ways that students can be taught, including gaming, robotics, and many others. This year, the Quorum Outreach and Research Foundation will be teaching in the area of data science. Students of the course will learn programming skills and how we can use them to make evidence-based decisions. This includes creating charts, conducting statistical tests, thinking about data collection, processing data, and wrapping the content in easy to understand and child-friendly lessons that can be taught in the classroom. For the first time this year, EPIQ will also be taught using a new accessible blocks system we are calling “Quorum Blocks”.

We’ve developed the course content in easy-to-understand and student-friendly lessons that you can use to teach your students. AS always, all of our content is open and accessible to all, including those with disabilities.

The workshop is led by the Quorum team live on Zoom and Slack. Each day attendees will focus on learning programming and data science, building upon the previous day’s experience. The Quorum team will be there live and will work directly with you to help whenever you get stuck. In addition, we will record, transcribe and post every session on YouTube for attendees to review and develop skills on their own later.

EPIQ 2023 Registration

This year we are operating the Experience Programming in Quorum workshop in partnership with the Infosys Foundation.

Teachers attend EPIQ 2023 at no cost, earning 25 Washington State clock hours, and those who meet the Pathfinder requirements, including sending the EPIQ committee all appropriate documentation, and attend at least 90% of the sessions will receive $200!

To register as a teach or a non-teacher, please complete the EPIQ 2023 registration form.

Follow the EPIQ webpage for updates on the conference or sign up for our mailing list and we’ll mail you as things develop! 

Feel free to send us any questions at [email protected].

Come join us and have some fun with data science!


The 2023 Steering Committee

Sarah Larkin

Mike Face

Art Rizzino

Sam Shaw

Andreas Stefik

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