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Envision #9: Even Storm Troopers Need Accessible Books!

A successful college grad shares how to make books accessible!

I hope the Star Wars fans out there appreciate this creative new intro and Stormy Scout may be coming back for more!

Envision #9 Even Storm Troopers Need Accessible Books!

Whether or not you’re a Star Wars fan, I have an awesome video for you!

Introducing Stormy Scout!

Yes, even Storm Troopers start as scouts. And like us, they too may have a visual impairment and have to have equitable access to their books!

Despite this challenge, there are awesome benefits to being visually impaired book owners!

  1. We don’t have to carry over twenty pounds of paper in our backpacks!
  2. We know how to navigate books faster
  3. We have a broad availability, including audio books, braille and my favorite, DIGITAL!
  4. We have resources available to us where we can obtain our books for free!
  5. So much more!

So put on your Storm Trooper helmet, prepare those note taking skills and enjoy Stormy Scout’s intro to this video!

P.S. Stormy Scout is wearing a Storm Trooper helmet, which is black and white, with most of it white except the eyes, mouth and some of the details.

Envision #9: Accessible Books YouTube Video:


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