College student sitting crosslegged on the floor with a laptop and text

Envision #2: Let Me Check My Schedule!

A video tutorial for students to create an effective agenda, organize months, dates, times and events.

Staying organized can be a hassle for anyone, especially when it comes to creating an agenda! 

Enough with post-it notes scattered on a fridge, brailled papers splayed on your table and the weary scavenger hunts to find a simple even you typed somewhere in a lost document, never to be found again!

Would you believe it if I told you that now you can make an agenda with organize months, dates, times and events?

Come and learn an easy approach to creating and keeping your personalized agenda clean and simple!

Watch this video and feel confident, as now you tell people “hold on, let me check my schedule”!

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Envision #2: Let Me Check My Schedule! How to Create an Effective Agenda video tutorial below:


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