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Envision #1: Create and Organize Class Folders

Preparing students for college success through Envision, a series of videos by Dany Acosta!

Fall semester is approaching quickly! Keeping folders, documents and that comes with college and university can be a headache for sighted people, let alone for us who are visually impaired!

But not anymore!

I initiated my Envision series on YouTube for free where I teach students with and without visual impairments to be organized and ready for academic success!

As you can see from my bio, I obtained a 3.94 GPA at North Shore Community College with an AA in Liberal Arts. I also obtained a 3.9 GPS from Salem Statue University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

In our first video, I teach you my easy approach on how to create and keep folders clean and simple! Don’t wait until you receive your syllabus to start preparing your foundation. Watch this video and feel confident, prepared and peace before the semester begins! Besides, no one has time to keep physical folders brailled, organized and reviewing them with a scanner or a magnifier every week!

Join me as we conquer our academic experience with excellence!

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