Emerging Reader Books: Instruments and Drums

Learn about and listen to musical instruments in these two digital books!

Drum roll . . . can you recognize the different types of drums and instruments in these simple emerging reader books? Created for students with low vision, these epub books have large print and read aloud buttons. Each page has a button that reads the sentence and a button that plays a recording of that musical instrument.

Screenshot from Drums ePub with a photo of a snare drum, two buttons and

These books were created and shared by a wonderful TVI, Andrea Bilello, and the books were used with a preschooler, who independently tapped on the audio buttons and navigated the pages. Andrea shared that the two instrument books were created when the preschooler’s class was learning about music and instruments. This preschooler loves drums, so Andrea focused on her interest and created the Drum book.

Note: The books are not designed to be used with VoiceOver and thet images do not have alt text descriptions. The ePub books can be opened on any device.

Editor’s Note: iOS 15 currently has a bug with the Books app. When you press the audio buttons on the right side of the page, the audio button works, but the page turns. This does not happen on iOS devices that are running previous versions of iOS.


In the next post, Shenandoah National Park Vacation: Experience Book, Andrea (TVI) and mom (Jessie) share about how these books are used in class and at home.

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