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EDA Play Toby: iOS App

IOS app created specifically for infants and toddlers with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

EDA Play Toby is one of the newest apps created by developers Sugar and Ketchup specifically for infants and toddlers with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.  EDA Play Toby presents high contrast two dimensional pictures and shapes on a Black screen paired with sounds that go with the presented image.  The tasks within the app are separated into two levels.  The first visual task levels challenges the user to use his or her vision in functional ways and gives him or her the opportunity to practice practice following, tracking and scanning objects and sounds at different speeds as they move across the screen.  The second half of the tasks challenge the user to first look at the picture presented and then reach out to touch the picture on the screen to see the picture move with corresponding sounds as a way to reinforce reaching out.  The app also gives plenty of auditory cues to alert to the user to look at the screen and visually attend to what is happening.

Screenshot EDA Play Toby app: simple orange fish with white bubbles on black background.screenshot of EDA Play Toby app: simple light blue car with white windows on black background.

Other Interesting features:

Since most EDA Play apps are created for children with low vision to increase their visual motor capabilities, the developers have added a feature under “Info” where the user can view vision simulators for Scotomas, Nystagmus and Hemianopia. 

Screenshot of EDA Play Toby app: simulator of visual disorders options - scotomas, nystagmus and hemianopia.

My two cents:

Overall, I think this is a great app for infants and toddlers with visual impairments as well as students with multiple disabilities.  I think the way the tasks are presented with the “look only” tasks placed at the beginning of the app before the “look and touch” activities is developmentally appropriate to the way many students attain these rudimentary visual motor skills.  As a practitioner, I would recommended discussing with your PT or OT different positions the child could be placed in to participate in these visual activities.  

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By Julie Johnson

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