APH's Monarch, a multiline braille display.

eBRF and multiline braille displays

What does the future hold for digital braille?

Dynamic and interactive file format for digital braille? Multiline braille display for reading and tactile graphics? Sounds like these things are straight out of a futuristic Star Wars movie! Currently, teams of experts are reaching for the stars and designing a new file format specifically for digital braille with all kinds of galactic features. What is your dream for digital braille materials? The sky’s the limit for these two interlinking projects!


Currently under development by experts around the world, eBRF is a new file type designed to support digital tactile graphics on multiline refreshable braille displays. eBRF will be a robust file type, providing students with versatile new features such as the ability to to jump between chapters and pages and the ability to easily zoom in and out of tactile graphics.

Learn more about eBRF here.

Multiline refreshable braille display

For years we have heard about multiline refreshable braille prototypes. Some of us have even had hands-on opportunities at conferences to interact with these prototypes! While a number of these first attempts have dropped along the wayside, each attempt is a step in the right direction, providing useful information.

APH is diligently forging ahead with the Monarch, 10 lines of 32 cells dynamic tactile device. The Monarch is capable of providing multiple lines of braille, tactile graphics, and includes a braille input and navigation buttons that support the eBRF features.

Learn more about APH’s Monarch here.

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