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Easter Writing/Tech Activities for Students Who Use Screen Readers

Here are two fun Easter-themed activities: Easter Word Scramble and Easter Mad Lib!

Originally posted March 2019.

Are you looking for some fun Easter-themed activities? Use these activities to practice tech skills! This is a great way to review tech skills in preparation for testing. The Easter activities are for everyone – especially for students who are using screen readers. The games can be played using any tablet or computer. Note: The specific gestures, braille display and Bluetooth keyboard commands listed are for an iPad with Voiceover.

Easter Word Scramble

Unscramble these mixed-up words! Type the answer beside the mixed-up word. Consider the tech skills that your student is learning or needs to practice before completing this assignment.

Easter Mad Lib

Now that your student is warmed up with navigating by characters, try this more challenging activity.

Ask the Mad Lib questions first. Then, have your student complete the Easter Mad Lib by deleting the mad lib prompt and replacing it with his previous answers. 

This is an opportunity to practice the tech skills required to edit. Navigate by word, line and paragraph. Select the prompt – including the parenthesis and delete; then, type in the mad lib response. Once all the answers have been added, read the Easter Mad Lib aloud!

Made Lib Questions document here

Easter Mad Lib document here

iOS Gestures

Note: The Bluetooth keyboard has more available navigation commands than gestures or braille display commands.

iOS Bluetooth Keyboard Commands

With Quick Nav Off (right + left arrows)

iOS Braille Display Commands

Easter Word Scramble document here

Easter Word Scramble Answers document here

Easter writing and tech collage

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By Diane Brauner

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