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Early Connections service offerings and resources

Perkins School for the Blind is built upon a foundation of positive and supportive relationships with districts, students and their families. Below, find a list of our current offerings and resources.

Current service offerings

Perkins resources

Literacy resources


Parent support sessions

  • Lighthouse Guild Parent Tele Support Enrollment and Information
  • Lighthouse Guild Parent Tele Support CHARGE Syndrome Group
    • ​Open to parents/guardians from the U.S., Canada and other countries. This wonderfully supportive group meets by phone every other Tuesday.
    • Contact: Sheri Stranger, CHARGE Syndrome Tele-Support Group Facilitator, [email protected] or call the Family Support Programs at 212-769-6318

Parent learning and webinars

Cortical Visual Impairment/Cerebral Visual Impairment

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Making Connections Through Adapted Physical Education 

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Service offerings & resources for families


Real Talk about CVI Parenting and CVI Now Resources