Big button switch and light star with a smiling face that when activated, lights up and plays music

DIY switch toy!

Learn how to create inexpensive switch toys for your student!

Switch toys are simply an adapted toy that uses a large switch or button that makes it easier for children with limited motor skills to independently interact with toys. Switch toys that are commercially available can be expensive and may be limited to specific toys. Does your student have a specific toy or type of toy that interests him/her? Are you looking for a switch toy to go along with a specific unit your student’s class is studying? Learn how to create your own switch toy!

In the video below, TSVI Courtney shares how she makes her own switch toys using a $15 dollar battery interrupter, a battery operated toy, and a switch (button).

Note: Battery Interrupters for Adapted Toys come in different sizes. Be sure to purchase the correct size for your toy’s battery. Each interrupter will fit two different sizes of batteries: “AA” and “AAA” batteries, or “C” and “D” batteries.

Courtney’s video for how to create your own switch toy:


How to create your own switch toy video transcript here.

The next video is of a student in a wheelchair using her elbow to activate a bubble machine. Courtney created this switch toy by adding a battery interrupter to the bubble machine.


Student using the DIY switch toy video transcript here.

by Diane Brauner 2/8/23

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