Correspondence volumes and boxes

Digitized correspondence collection

Guide to digitized letters from the Perkins Correspondence Collection spanning 1828-1920. The collection includes incoming and facsimiles of outgoing correspondence to and from Perkins and transcriptions of correspondence indices. The collection is predominantly general correspondence addressed to the school or to the school director. Includes many notable correspondents, including Anne Sullivan, Dorothea Dix, Henry David Thoreau, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and Charles Dickens.


Our goal is provide resources that are accessible to all

Several volumes and boxes of the “Perkins Correspondence Collection” have been digitized and made available on the Internet Archive website, which utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and downloadable file formats, including Daisy, to provide access to users who are blind and visually impaired. We acknowledge that OCR is prone to errors, and cannot recognize graphics or handwritten text, thus creating barriers to these materials. It is our intention that by providing the materials as is, the resource is findable online to all. If any of Perkins Archives resources accessed online aren’t accessible in part or in whole, to a user because of a disability, we will create an accessible version upon request. 

Collection access

Transcribed correspondence indices are divided into incoming and outgoing correspondence and grouped by date ranges from earliest to latest. Volumes include links to indices, then digitized correspondence volumes and boxes if available. Not all resources in this collection have been digitized. The full list of correspondence is available on the Perkins Correspondence Collection finding aid.

Incoming correspondence, 1828-1853

Incoming correspondence, 1854-1873

Incoming correspondence, 1873-1884

Incoming correspondence, 1884-1888

Incoming correspondence, 1888-1893

Incoming correspondence, 1894-1898

Incoming correspondence, 1899-1903

Incoming correspondence, 1903-1906

Incoming correspondence, 1906-1909

Incoming correspondence, 1909-1910

Outgoing correspondece, 1892-1920

List of six volumes of bound facsimiles of correspondence sent from Perkins Directors or staff.

Kate Fraser announcing award recipients at the 2017 Science Fair.

Kate Fraser oral history

Portrait of Lenna Swinerton, circa 1900.

Lenna Swinerton, an alumna who paid it forward

Elizabeth Hoxie, a medium skin toned woman with her hair in a bun, with Nellie Winitzky, a medium skin tone adolescent with dark hair tied back in bows, seated in a portrait studio with flocked curtains. Hoxie has a book open on her lap and is using tactile fingerspelling to communicate with Winitzky.

Teaching Nellie Winitzky