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Digitized scrapbook on “blind babies”

Scrapbooks on topics related to charitable organizations caring for babies born blind, particularly the Blind Babies' Aid Society spanning 1905-1934.


Our goal is provide resources that are accessible to all

The digitized scrapbooks of clippings on topics “Blind Babies,” have been digitized and made available on the Internet Archive, which utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and downloadable file formats, including Daisy, to provide access to users who are blind and visually impaired. We acknowledge that OCR is prone to errors, and cannot recognize graphics or handwritten text, thus creating barriers to these materials. It is our intention that by providing the materials as is, the resource is findable online to all. If any of Perkins Archives resources accessed online aren’t accessible in part or in whole, to a user because of a disability, we will create an accessible version upon request. 

“Blind babies” scrapbooks on the Internet Archive

Links to scrapbooks are grouped alphabetically by location and listed alphabetically by title, followed by volume, and years, from earliest to latest. There are seven volumes in total spanning 1905-1934.



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