Photo of Rishab, a junior in high school.

Digitally accessible math worksheets Part 2: Video tutorial

Step-by-step instructions on how to create complex accessible digital math worksheets.

Rishab Pradeep, currently a junior in high school, has been diligently creating and sharing various types of accessible digital math worksheets on both Paths to Technology and Paths to Literacy. See his Digitally Accessible Math Worksheets post, which includes the digital worksheets and how to access these worksheets with a screen reader. Now, Rishab shares a video tutorial on how to create these digital worksheets using Equatio (math tool free for teachers) and Microsoft Video Studio Code).

Make a difference: Rishab’s story

How did Rishab get started with accessible math worksheets?

When diligently researching volunteer math opportunities at the end of 2020, Rishab contacted lead math teachers of students with visual impairments, attended a POSB Math & Science Institute (Principals of Schools for the Blind), and learned about Project INSPIRE. Project INSPIRE is a 5-year training grant to support braille literacy for professionals and students with low vision and blindness. Diving deeper into the math needs for educators working with students with visual impairments, Rishab discovered that many educators struggle to create accessible digital math worksheets. 

He took the initiative to learn more about digital accessibility and explored ways to create accessible math worksheets for students who access digital materials using a screen reader. Pushing outside of his comfort zone, Rishab tried and evaluated various math programs and came up with a solution that is compatible with a screen reader. Rishab also learned basic screen reader skills and features, so that he could confirm that his math worksheets are truly accessible and shared this new knowledge with educators.

Rishab then reached out again to Paths to Technology and Paths to Literacy about how to share his accessible math worksheets with TSVIs. Rishab regularly adds new worksheets to his original post; there are currently 25+ different types of worksheets available! He also went back to POSB to present about his method of creating digital math worksheets. The video above is Rishab’s POSB 2023 presentation.


by Diane Brauner

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