Cover page of a digital book titled I am Thankful with an image of four book boxes lined up next to each other on a shelf.

Digital Thanksgiving Book for Early Readers

This emerging reader is learning to read in three mediums: magnified print, braille and auditory.

This month, my student and I created a book about what she is a thankful for using the Book Creator app on an iPad. My student dictated the sentences for the book and assisted in typing familiar words using the onscreen keyboard of the iPad. She practiced visually scanning the rows of the keyboard to write words such as I, am, for, cat, and the. I added images and alt text to each image. A print copy with braille was added to my student’s book box to read during independent reading. She also was provided an ePub copy of the book to access auditorily or tactually using Voice Dream Reader. When reading the book using a refreshable braille display, she practiced reading high frequency words including am, for, to, with, my, it, is and the. She also tactually identified the “th” contraction in the word “thankful, which is a digraph she has learned to read this year in first grade. Since my student quickly experiences visual fatigue, she reads books using three different mediums during independent reading time. The student reads one book visually in large print or using a video magnifier, one book tactually in braille, and then one or more auditorily using her iPad and Voice Dream Reader. Providing my student books in all three formats gives her options to access books visually or nonvisually if she is experiencing visual fatigue. 

I Am Thankful ePub version here.

I Am Thankful PDF version here.


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