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Diaries of the Cosmos: Hydrogen Hunters

Audio stories showcasing both the science and the scientists behind these discoveries!

About the Diaries of the Cosmos

How do we know what stars are made of? Who figured out what happens inside stars? How do we know Dark Matter exists? Delve into the “how”s of astronomical discovery, meet the people behind the science, and explore the universe yourself through Diaries of the Cosmos, an audio series showcasing stories of scientists and discovery.

Each story explores a particular astrophysical discovery, and is linked to various NASA missions and initiatives.  These stories showcase both the science and the scientists behind the discovery. We give special attention to the lived experiences of scientists, and to the process of science they follow. In each installment, hear about the featured scientists, enjoy a discussion with astronomers, and interact with the science yourself.

This series is brought to you by NASA’s Universe of Learning, a part of the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s Science Activation program.  More information about this series, as well as other Universe of Learning resources, can be found at universe-of-learning.org.

Diaries of the Cosmos is an audio series designed for students and life long learners.


The Diaries of Cosmos content is carefully crafted to be accessible for all. The audio format has the option of background music, different playback speeds and downloadable transcript.

Hydrogen Hunters

Logo for Hydrogen Hunters: A hand reaching up to a bright star with text, "Hydrogen Hunters Part 1: Cecelia's Story"

The first topic in the Diaries of the Cosmos series is Hydrogen Hunters, which is broken down into four segments:

Listen to the 4-part Hydrogen Hunters here.


Are you working with a future scientist or want to spark an interest in astronomy with your student? This inspiring series focuses on the lives of great scientists as well as the science. Listen to the stories. Learn about the science. Ask questions. The Diaries of the Cosmos team would like to hear from you. Please provide your feedback on this audio series and ask your astronomy questions! The feedback form which goes directly to the astrophysicists with NASA’s Universe of Learning is on the Universe Unplugged website for each segment of the Hydrogen Hunters story, just below the title image and audio bars.

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