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Demystifying blindness through storytelling

Looking for role models? Check out these empowering stories!

Students need role models of other people with blindness and low vision who have diverse experiences and achievements. Many students are the only person with a visual impairment in their immediate community, making it challenging to find role models.

I recently came across Bold Blind Beauty, an advocacy platform dedicated to sharing empowering stories from individuals navigating life on the blindness spectrum worldwide. Their mission statement is “Demystifying blindness through storytelling”. They have a monthly series called “Men in Motion” that focuses on blind and visually impaired male influencers and and another monthly series called “Women on the Move” with stories of accomplished women on the blindness spectrum who are also living their best lives. Bold Blind Beauty has started a spin-off series geared for teenagers, called “Teens in Flight”. The very first Teens in Flight blog was posted last week (May 20, 2024) with tenth grader, Gareth Brown.

Teens in Flight: Gareth Brown on Braille, Tech and More video blog:

The video transcript and photos of Gareth (with descriptions) are available on the Bold Blind Beauty website.

Each feature is available as a written blog (with photos and photo descriptions), on YouTube and as a podcast. You can subscribe to receive notices of new blogs or join the Bold Blind Beauty Facebook group.

Bold Blind Beauty is also accepting nominations for teens who would like to share their journey!

One educator shared with Bold Blind BeautyI have used your amazing Men in Motion and Women on the Move episodes with all of my high school students! Their lives and mine are forever changed because of these stories full of hope and encouragement through personal testimonies! I use your site every single Friday and I call it Friyay! I have my blind 10th-grade student keep a journal about the episodes he watches each week!” (Bold Blind Beauty website)

In addition to these highly popular blog series, Bold, Blind Beauty also has Monthly Beauties, Cane EnAbled and Lifestyle blog series. Direct links to these blog series:

by Diane Brauner

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