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A free solution for users who struggle with brightness/glare when using Google Docs and other websites that do not support dark mode.

Struggling with the brightness or glare when using Google Docs or other websites? During the pandemic school closures, students are spending more time using technology to access and complete classroom assignments. Many students with low vision are sensitive to screen brightness; for some students, screen brightness will cause debilitating migraines. Inverting the color (white text on black background) or adjusting the brightness, and using filters are ways to reduce eye strain. While some devices have reverse contrast and other brightness/contrast settings, these settings may not be compatible with all websites. Google Docs and other Google Suite applications are not compatible with the built-in dark mode settings. A popular solution used by 5,000,000 people, is the free Dark Reader extension. Dark Reader does not show adds and does not send user’s data anywhere. 

In the video below, TVI Jessica demonstrates the need for the Dark Reader extension and how Dark Reader can be used to invert the color when using Google Docs.

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Installing Dark Reader

As always, be sure to go to the website for the official links to install Dark Reader. Dark Reader extensions are available for:

Dark Reader also has an iOS app that works on all devices which support iOS 15.

Note: If you already purchased the Safari Dark Reader for your Mac, there is no cost to to install Dark Reader on your iOS devices. According to the Dark Mode website, there is currently an App Store bug that shows a cost of $4.99 for the iOS Dark Reader; if you have already purchased Dark Reader for your Mac, when you proceed with the payment, you will see a message saying you have already paid. Keep in mind that Dark Reader is a free Chrome extension, so if you have a Mac, you can use Dark Reader on the Chrome web browser for free.

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